Living as Your Hybrid Self – Physical Body Functions

As you begin to contemplate the wide range of potential effects the presence of Luman Soul DNA may have on you, the Hybrid, now that the Earth plane has transitioned beyond what some call ‘the frequency tipping point’, you can begin to imagine the physical body function impacts.

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to explain just a few of these potential differences.  We cannot begin to provide a complete list of the possibilities due to the myriad of functions within the human body (it really is quite a nice design), and the wide range of Human/Luman Soul DNA combinations.

With this understanding, some of the differences you may experience or have humans make note of include:

  • More sleep needed for the human body occupied by a Human essence when compared with the amount needed for a human body occupied by a Hybrid essence.
  • A feeling of greater or heightened muscle stress for a human body with a Human essence compared to a feeling of alignment and less muscle stress for a human body occupied by a Hybrid essence.
  • In the same or similar ways, seeing, hearing, and tasting may be impacted.
  • As a last major category, the ability to connect to the spirit realm is also impacted, not in a psychic sense (although that also occurs).  Rather in a physical sense of feeling like the world is contracting (Human essence) or expanding (Hybrid essence).

As you hear comments begin made about these differences, it may be wise to ‘keep your head down’ and neither confirm nor deny.  Sometimes not appearing out of the norm has value!

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