Living as Your Hybrid Self – Relationship with Luman Beings

Are you at all surprised that a Hybrid soul, defined as a soul with both Human and Luman Soul DNA, would have a different relationship with Luman beings than a Human with no Luman Soul DNA?  No surprise at all…correct?

We, the Mountains of the World, do occasionally find We need to state the obvious.

You, as a Hybrid being, have an interactive and very personal relationship with Luman beings, both those who are currently on the Earth plane and those who will be incarnating to the Earth plane in a different present moment.  (Your human self might refer to this as the ‘not too distant future’.)

Your relationship to and interaction with Lumen depends upon your own soul evolution and the proportion of Luman Soul DNA you chose when you incarnated.  The experiences range from just a bit beyond ‘knowing’ to nearly physical interactions. In fact, some of you may, in your most connected moments, see Lumen beings as they walk the Earth in their less-than-physical form.

Humans, by contrast, may believe there are Lumen and through this desire to believe achieve close to a ‘knowing’.  Their relationship to Lumen is through faith alone if at all. 

Thus, it is impossible for you to expect a Human to understand an experience you have had with a Luman. 

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