Living as Your Hybrid Self – Sharing Luman Information with Humans

As We, the Mountains of the World, noted in an earlier communication, it is not possible for a Human to experience a Luman interaction in the same way a Hybrid does.  In fact, depending upon the proportion of Human to Luman Soul DNA, Hybrids can have very different interaction experiences.

This said, it remains of value to share the information provided to you by Luman, especially if they ask you to do such. Luman are on the Earth plane at this time to support the frequency transition and the stability of Hybrids AND Humans during the transition.

How then might you share the information?

  • We recommend you ‘translate’ the information in a manner that is understandable and believable.  As there are many of you on the Earth plane at this time, We do not believe it is too difficult to find a communication (book, blog, etc.) which you can point to as a ‘proof source’.  Our blog, as brought to you by Be Joye, is one of those proof sources.
  • If you have received information, We recommend you reach out to other sources for confirmation or clarification.  If you reach out to Us, we are happy to provide such through our scribe, Be Joye.  Simply pose your question…
  • Much of the information being provided now is simply updated from an earlier time in Earth history.  Therefore, using previously shared information with an added ‘twist’ will also be of value.

In all cases, the intention is to provide a platform for discussion other than quoting a Luman!  It is imperative that you remain ‘believable’ to be able to be an avatar of change!

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