Living as Your Hybrid Self – Ability to Shape Shift

And you thought that if you chose a Human body, you would not be able to shape shift.  How silly.

You incarnated as a Hybrid for many reasons.  One of the more fun aspects of being a Hybrid is having the ability to shape shift.

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to explain the three main areas of shape shifting as We view it.

Shape shifting includes:

  • A Human Communicator: At the most basic, the ability to be many different ‘humans’ depending upon the group you are engaging and the information you are to share.  You might be a clown; a prophet; a big-picture conversationalist, painting the sky; or a highly detailed micro-manager, explaining each step in great detail.
  • An Elemental Translator: A wide and diverse talent beyond the most basic includes the ability to engage the plants, animals and earth elementals in a manner that allows you to learn from them, translating their information to Humans. This talent/skill is not universal.  You may find you can relate to plants and not animals; birds and not trees; etc. There is much to communicate from each group.  You do not need to expand beyond your role in this iteration.  That said, you do need to live your role in this iteration.
  • A Mass of Molecules:  And for a very few of you, the ability to truly become a different shape, texture, composition, etc. able to move your molecules into the form most needed in that moment.  This is also a wide and diverse and includes all manner of guises on the Earth plane and beyond.  This skill (once well developed) allows a soul to consciously (Human consciousness) engage in many spheres and iterations simultaneously.  When not understood, it can lead to a consciousness break down. It is for this reason that most of you have not chosen this talent.

Spend time exploring your talents in this arena, using these descriptions We have provided.  This is an area where practice is most critical.

Enjoy discovering the many Share Shifting aspects of You!

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