Living as Your Hybrid Self – Relationship to Death

  • No, you are not heartless.
  • No, you are not cold!
  • Yes, you may relate to death differently than Humans.

As a Hybrid, you have a different inherent relationship with death.  You may morn the death of an animal more than a human; the death of a star more than that of your best friend.  This is due entirely to your Luman Soul DNA.

We, the Mountains of the World, see many of you beginning to believe there is something wrong with you.  As the transitional shift continues, the Hybrid aspects of you will become more and more pronounced.  You will begin to naturally live the Hybrid aspects of yourself.

For a Hybrid, death is simply a shift of location.  An analogy We will draw is that of a person flying from one location to another knowing they will return to the original location at the endo of their ‘visit’.  Or it could be more permanent as in moving from one Earth location to another. 

This is what We (and the Hybrid portion of you) know death of a physical body to be.  We/You know there is a plan (like with a trip) and a return of the Soul potentially at some point in time. 

With this perspective, your Hybrid relationship with death is very different from the relationship most Humans have with death.  We encourage you to understand the Human response and to quietly honor your own. 

Your relationship with death is simply a part of the Hybrid You.

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