Living as Your Hybrid Self – Creating Your Earth Experiences

As a Hybrid, you have options which souls who have incarnated in a Human body do not.  Every soul determines their intentions before beginning an incarnation…no matter the location, the experience, or the number of times the soul have incarnated.

That said, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share that as a soul who has evolved to have the option of being a Hybrid and who then chose to be one…You have the option of enhancing your earth iteration intentions.

Notice, We did not say ‘change’.  We said ‘enhance’.  This means you are able, with move conscious awareness of the challenges and benefits of the Earth plane, to re-craft your intended experiences.  You may choose to:

  • Expand the intention.  Meaning, you may add additional experiencing to the intention.
  • Redirect the intention.  Meaning, you may choose a different manner in which to accomplish the intention.
  • Or even Add additional intentions, especially if viewed by The Divine/The All as being in alignment.

This ability, this opportunity, is why you have experienced a change in ease or difficulty of a particular task and wonder why.  If you were to have been paying attention (which many of you do not), you would remember that you made a statement. That statement, when in alignment with the choices We outlined above, will instantly shift the energy around a task…for greater ease or increased difficulty.

Being aware of this Hybrid option/opportunity/possibility, We highly encourage you to notice your thoughts and words as they relate to statements of intention, often including the words ‘I Wish’.

Be very careful what you Wish for…you may just receive it.

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