Living as Your Hybrid Self – Creating an Earth Optimum Experience

You are now aware of your Hybrid ability to shift your Earth experience.

It is now time to discuss how intentionally creating these shifts can lead to a more optimum Earth experience for both you, the Soul, and you, the Hybrid in a Physical body.

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to consider what an optimum Earth plane experience may include.  What would enhance your Earth experience if it were a part of your experience? We ask that you engage this considering from the perspective of your Hybrid self…not your Human self.  We have heard enough of those ‘complaints’!

What part of your Earth experience would You like to expand or enhance? 

  • You have the ability to create this expansion and/or enhancement.
  • Expanding or enhancing your Earth experience most likely ‘comes with’ an expansion or enhancement of your soul intention.
  • Be reminded that Soul intentions are agreements between yourself and The Divine/The All and not to be trifled with.
  • Once you have determined the expansion or enhancement, you can be assured that the opportunity and synchronicities for such to manifest will occur.

We recommend you engage your Hybrid Wisdom as you contemplate how you might expand or enhance your Earth experience to create an Optimum Earth Experience.

The ability is most likely one of the main reasons you chose to be a Hybrid…Enjoy.

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