Reframing Manifesting in the Physical

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to take more about the Hybrid ability to manifest on the physical Earth plane.  Many of you are aware you have this ability.  In fact, all souls on the Earth plane (or any other location) has the ability to manifest.  Without such ability, why incarnate?

What the vast majority of you have not embraced is the reality that you are able to manifest as if by magic!

Your degree of soul evolution, your percentage Luman Soul DNA, your intention for being on the Earth plane, and your alignment to your Hybrid self all impact your ability to manifest. 

The most dominate of these is your alignment to your Hybrid self.  You may be the most magical being on the Earth plane (next to Us of course), and if you persist in ‘playing Human’ your ability to manifest is severely limited. 

In fact, one of the best ways to determine your alignment to your Hybrid self is to notice how magical you are.  If you delight in your magic…your ability to manifest…you are very likely nicely aligned to your Hybrid self, having shed the limitations of your Human experience.


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