Manifesting in the Physical

As We stated earlier, your ability to easily and magically manifest in the physical is impacted by four separate aspects of Self…

  • Your percentage of Luman Soul DNA,
  • Your intentions for being on the Earth Plane,
  • Your alignment to the Hybrid you,
  • And Your willingness to believe in the Hybrid You! 

Let Us explain these one at a time so you begin to understand the relationships and what actions you can take to manifest more easily.

There are two of these aspects of you which are rather set at this point in this earth iteration.  We say ‘rather set’ as they can be adjusted although this does not occur often. Those two aspects of self are your percentage of Luman Soul DNA and your Soul intention for being on the earth plan in this earth iteration (this latter aspect has been known to be adjusted…although not frequently).  These two were determined during your decision to incarnate are those decisions are typically left in place.

The degree of Luman Soul DNA and the Soul experience intentions for your current earth iteration then determine the ease or challenge you may encounter as you manifest. 

A lower percentage combined with an intention of ‘remaining stuck’ or ‘experiencing less’, typically creates greater challenge of manifesting magically. 

A higher percentage combined with an intention of ‘living dynamically’ or ‘being a leader’, typically creates greater ease of manifesting magically. 

Please note, We, the Mountains of the World, do not perceive either of these as better or worse.  They are simply Soul Experiences.  And, that said, they do have an impact on your ability to manifest in the physical.

Onward to manifesting.

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