Manifesting in the Physical Part 2

So, you believe the die is cast…or that is how it appears.  And there are many of you who have determined, based upon your manifesting to date, that you have a lower percentage of Luman Soul DNA and/or a soul intention of ‘living small and in lack’.

We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you read a bit further, considering the two other aspects which have impact.

  • Your alignment to the Hybrid you,
  • And Your willingness to believe in the Hybrid You! 

Until recently, the concept of Hybrid has only been known by a few and those few were not necessarily using the term or phrase…rather they were simply living the Hybrid earth existence.

We have shared the aspects of Hybrid and some of the many talents of Hybrids.  Without this information, you had nothing to align to!  And, without this information, how could you believe yourself to be something you did not even know existed?

The task is now yours to embraced manifesting the ‘Hybrid Way’…magically, easily, comfortably, without ego.  Manifesting simply becomes an ‘is’ event…and ‘I am’ event.

  • When you begin to align with your magical Hybrid self and believe in that self (which often differs from the long-held definition you have had as your physical earth self)
  • And to believe you to be your magical Hybrid self
  • AND to actively engage and live as your Hybrid self.

Then manifesting become magical.  It is not something you make it…it simply is magical. And it is this inner knowing that life will unfold magically which actually causes you to slow your own acceptance process.

  • You set your own stage as a Soul with your choices…
  • You prepared yourself for a dynamic and engaging life…
  • It is now up to the conscious physical you to live it in your earth iteration!

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