Reframing Interactions with Humans

And We, the Mountains of the World, hear you ask…

  • How can I be magical and live among humans? 
  • How will it be safe to live in this manner, especially given the anger and frustrations on the Earth plane at this time?
  • How do I embrace and live as my Hybrid self without being perceived as different, thus becoming a target for the anger?
  • Simply put…How do I stay safe?????

We hear you.  We understand a bit of your concern.  Some of you came to live small (a very small percentage – don’t everyone jump on that ‘band wagon’). Your Soul experience is one of knowing you are more and not living up to your potential.  We honor your choice for this earth iteration.  You are of the proverbial ‘hook’.

The vast majority of you are not.  You came to embrace and actively engage living on the Earth plane as your Hybrid self, given your level of soul evolution and your percentage of Luman Soul DNA.  You are the Hybrid in physical body that We are speaking to…you are the ones who have not yet begun to live the magical awesome life you crafted as a soul.  It is time.

Before We begin to explain some of your possibilities and even create examples, We would like to respond to your concerns.

  • You can live magically and among humans.
  • You can live as the magical Hybrid you are without engaging the anger and frustration currently being experienced on the Earth plane.
  • You can live as your magical Hybrid self without becoming a target for anger.
  • And You can live as your magical Hybrid self and be very safe on the Earth plane.

Easily said…perhaps more challenging to create.  We shall assist.

Believe – Engage – Experience

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