Living as Your Hybrid Self

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to remind you that you are Hybrid…therefore, you are not stupid!  The two do not interweave to any degree at all.  The part of you that keeps saying…’but I don’t know how to do it’ is the part of you who still aligns to your human experience…your human training.

It has become very evident to Us that the vast majority of you (We congratulate the minority) want everything spelled out and thoroughly tested. 

This is not the plan nor the process.  Living as a Hybrid is a personal experience.  It is an awakening that includes everything you think and everything you do…ever interaction, every experience, every choice you make, etc. etc. etc.

If you are not experiencing different, at least to some degree, you are not embracing your Hybrid self.  Instead, you are reverting to your human experiences. 

Why, We ask, would you want to revert to living your human experience when you can truly live a magical life?  You came to experience magical…you chose one of the most challenging and dynamic cosmic locations to experience this lifetime ‘as a Hybrid’ and yet you seemingly refuse to engage the magical possibilities!

Silly You.

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