Safely Living as Your Magical Hybrid Self

It has become clear that no amount of expecting you to simply step forth as your magical Hybrid self is going to make it occur.  Therefore, We, the Mountains of the World, have been asked to provide information on the ‘how’ aspect of living as a Hybrid on the Earth plane at this time. 

What We thought would be obvious appears challenging.

What We thought would be embraced appears to be scary.

What We thought would be enlightening appears to be overwhelming. 

Therefore, We will now embark upon a series of communications focused on the unique skills and talents of Hybrids and how best to embrace those skills and talents to enjoy the benefits of a magical Earth existence.  We will show how your magical life can be lived safely in the current Earth plane cultures.

These communications are intended to shift you from…

Awakening…to the frequency shift occurring on the Earth plane and the effects.

Becoming Aware…of yourself as a Hybrid being, no matter the percentage of Human Soul DNA to Luman Soul DNA and the possibilities.

Consciously Choosing to Live as the Hybrid Being you are!

We will refer to these as the ‘ABCs’ of living as a magical Hybrid being on the Earth plane. We understand you have a strong correlation to the ABC’s.

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