Reframing Manifesting

Yes, Manifesting.  It seems We, the Mountains of the World, have not made Our selves clear on the topic of how Hybrids manifest.

We have told you about how magical you are and some of you fail to trust your magic.

We have told you how being magical in your manifesting can be safe and simple and you fail to trust your magic.

What We realize We have not shared is how attempting to manifest through the ‘spiritual practice’ of others will result in an outcome of ‘other’. 

As a Hybrid, you have a direct connection to the energy of The Divine/The All.  You need no intermediary.  In fact, utilizing an intermediary will actually slow and minimize your manifesting…you will be disenchanted with the outcome.

We highly recommend you begin manifesting, magically manifesting, through your own connections…not the connections of others, the vast majority of which are not Hybrids and are, in fact, not highly evolved.  They are not incorrect in their information…it is simply not for you!

  • Trust your Hybrid knowing – intend to manifest that which is in your highest and best from a soul perspective…not necessarily a human earth perspective.
  • Manifest directly with the energy of The Divine/The All.  You have access to this amazing energy when you are aligned with YOUR highest and best energy and intention.
  • Through this process, you will achieve incredible results. It will be as if by magic.

And if, when manifesting, you manifest something other than what you thought you had intended, find the positive in the experience. It is always there.

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