Reframing Desires and Intentions

As We, the Mountains of the World, noted in our earlier communication, Hybrids (you) are able to manifest as if by magic when you are in alignment with yourself…your Hybrid Soul self.

Being in alignment with your Hybrid Soul self may mean you need to reframe your desires and intentions – from those of a Human perspective to those of a Hybrid perspective. 

Let Us expand.

  • We have noticed that the vast majority of Humans desires are personally focused.  They are specific desires for that Human or those very close to them.  There may be desires voiced for the good of humanity…and those are typically left for someone else to focus upon and accomplish.  Most Humans only look to their own short-term desires (not even necessarily needs).
  • This is not necessarily inappropriate, and it is a valuable way for even a Hybrid to experience manifesting.  Human souls, in general, came to the Earth plane to experience all that can be experiences…the Earth plane is a free will location. 
  • However, when you incarnate to the Earth plane as a Hybrid being (with all of your skills and talents) by selecting Luman Soul DNA, you also agreed to engage the Earth plane from a more inclusive perspective…a perspective of energy rather than things.
  • This, therefore, means it is very valuable for you, the Hybrid you, to set desires and intentions beyond your personal needs or wants to expanding the energy to accomplish such beyond just you and those close to you!

It is this simple and this complex.  For most of you this is an entirely new way of considering the world.  It is The Oneness the earth spiritual gurus speak of (as they ask for themselves)!

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