Reframing Desires and Intentions Part 2

If you are asking the ‘How’ question at this time, We, the Mountains of the World, honor you. 

The answer is simple:

  • You do this by accepting and understanding your alignment with the energy of The All! 
  • You do this by setting your intentions to include All!
  • You do this by expanding beyond your personal self, knowing there is more than enough energy for all!
  • And in doing this, you manifest for yourself even more than you could have by the narrow focus of ‘me’!

This is not a ‘do-gooder’ approach for most ‘do-gooders’ do good for their own aggrandizement!

This is not a ‘self-sacrificing’ approach for through this you manifest more for you than you can ever imagine.

This is the Hybrid process of desiring, intending and manifesting.

This approach creates further alignment of the Earth energy to the new frequency.

Reframing your desires and intentions creates a:

  • Win (for you, the Hybrid)
  • Win (for those in your sphere of influence – which is probably much larger than you imagine)
  • Win (for the Earth plane as it further supports the Earth plane energy in aligning to the frequency as it continues to increase).

A Win-Win-Win…and it is totally up to You!

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