Reframing Attitudes and Approaches

All of what We have been speaking to thus far is a reframing of your attitudes and approaches to those of the Hybrid you.

You have spent many Earth years living as a Human, knowing you were different without knowing why or how to adjust.

You have spent many incarnations living as a Human.  You are very experienced in Human thinking, attitudes, and approaches.  You expect them to create certain outcomes.  You expect certain restrictions and limitations.

We, the Mountains of the World, are now communicating to you that you have the ability, through your own Soul DNA choice, to experience different on the Earth plane. 

All that is required for such is:

  • To assimilate all that We have shared regarding your skills and talents,
  • To algin yourself with the energy of The All.
  • To expand your approach to desires and intentions,
  • And, throughout this all, to shift your attitudes about how life functions on the Earth plane and therefore your approach (your expectations of outcomes).

We will be speaking to this dynamic process as we continue to communicate.  Suffice it to say, you have the possibility of a magical win-win-win Earth experience ahead of you. 

Choice can be a Challenge!

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