Living the Hybrid Earth Life – Showing Up

Let Us begin with the most basic aspect of living life on the Earth plane as a Hybrid…How do you Show Up?

To know how to ‘appear’ on the Earth plane, you need to understand why you chose to be a Hybrid in this earth iteration.  At the most basic level, you chose to be a Hybrid to assist Humanity (yes, them).  Your form of assisting is typically as a guide or sage.

How you show up is determined by the group you are guiding.  Simple!

We, the Mountains of the World, recommend the following:

  1. You know the group you are to impact.  This is not your ‘clan/family/best buddies’.  The group you are to impact is the group you most often find yourself relating to as a guide or sage.
  2. Once you acknowledge the group (or groups), you can easily determine how to ‘show up’.
    1. Appearance – in alignment and just a bit different;
    1. Speech – understandable and just a little more refined;
    1. Lifestyle – similar and comfortable and yet a bit apart;
    1. Relationships – warm and engaging while not ‘one of the gang’.
    1. In short – a bit different and perhaps even a bit ‘mysterious’.
  3. From this point of subtle difference, you can begin to have impact.

So, now you know how to ‘show up’.  Many of you have spent the better part of this Earth incarnation trying to fit in.  You may well have to alter many or all of the above noted areas of your life as you shift from ‘trying to fit in’ to intentionally being ‘just a bit different’.

Note – the difference is subtle.  It is not intended that you alienate yourself from the group you chose to guide!

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