Hybrid Earth Life – Balance between Guide and Student

We, the Mountains of the World, previously indicated that you agreed to be a Hybrid with the overall aim of guiding/assisting humanity.  And yet, until just a short time ago We had not shared with you what it means to be a Hybrid.  Many of you are still adjusting to this reality and finding the adjustment just a bit daunting.

Now, We are indicating it is time to move into your role…a role you just consciously learned about!  And your questions are…?

  • How do you guide others with information you just learned about yourself?
  • With what experience do you share your wisdom?
  • What format is the Guiding/Sharing/Saging to take place?
  • What are your credentials (Oh, yes, We do know this is a question you will ask in an effort to delay the inevitable)?
  • Where and How do you begin? 

We thank you for these very valuable questions as they indicate you are poised to begin. 

For those of you who are asking…but why can’t I continue to stay camouflaged as a human? Please know that this avenue is no longer available to you.  Once you acknowledged yourself as a Hybrid and began to accept yourself, you closed this avenue for yourself.  The soul You closed the avenue.  You can try (and most of you will) to camouflage as a Human…there may even be reasons to do so in a few situations.  The camouflage is now a tool…not a lifestyle!

The answers to your many and varied questions all begins with finding balance…a balance between being a Guide and Sage in your Conscious Life while continuing to be a Student in your Intuitive Life!

The balance between the Conscious and the Intuitive is easy with practice. 

We have said many times…Trust Your Knowing!  This is the balance between the two.

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