Living the Hybrid Earth Life As a Hybrid

We, the Mountains of the World, have shared the importance of the balance between the Conscious You and the Intuitive You.  We have stated that keeping the balance between the two is easy with practice.  What We did not share is the likelihood that the Intuitive You whom you connect with now is not likely to be the Intuitive You of the future.  And the Conscious You will likely become conscious to events in new and different ways.

Why you ask?

This is because the vast majority of you, with the new information about Hybrids and the possibility/probability of being a Hybrid, have not yet begun to shift from living as the Human you which you adapted to in an effort to ‘fit in’.  If you remember, from the very beginning, one of the signs that you ‘might be a Hybrid’ was the fact that you have never felt like you fit into humanity. 

And, despite how some of you may consider yourself mavericks and delight in being a misfit, you have attempted to play human if for no other reason than for personal safety.  Being a misfit as a child is a very different experience from being a misfit as an adult.  From childhood, you worked to fit in as much as possible.

Thus, you are viewing the Hybrid possibility from your Human adaptation.

We are now ready to assist you in shifting to living a Human life from a Hybrid perspective.

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