Living the Hybrid Earth Life – Tethers and Sandbags

Interesting title?  Wondering what tethers and sandbags have to do with your learning to live on the Earth plane as a Hybrid and not a Hybrid-in-hiding-as-a-Human?

The answer is simple.

All Humans have tethers.  These are primary beliefs (each human soul has their own primary belief…these are not group nor societally created) that create the lens from which the Human engaged their Earth plane living.

A tether is easy to identify.

Think of an individual you know well.  What are the primary characteristics that individual portrays? What is the primary attribute that individual displays.  Whatever that attribute is…their ‘tether’ is the opposite.

And so is yours.  Hybrids do not intricately need or want a tether.  However, as We, the Mountains of the World, have concluded that Hybrids living on the Earth plane at this time have adapted the ‘tether’ approach to appear Human.  This means you!  The vast, vast, vast majority of Hybrids have adapted ‘tethers.’ 

This is not bad.  It is/was an adaptive mechanism.  And it is time to release the tethers for Hybrids, especially Hybrids with a large percentage of Luman Soul DNA, are not benefitted by tethers. 

Releasing your ‘tether’ is simple. Simply identify the one or two phrases your friends would use to describe you. Your tether is the exact opposite.

  • If the descriptive phrase is ‘competent’ the tether is ‘incompetent’;
  • If the descriptive phrase is ‘at peace’ the tether is ‘anger’;
  • If the descriptive phrase is ‘lovable’ the tether is ‘unlovable’.

Tethers are the exact opposite of the individuals most dominant characteristic.

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