More on Tethers

If you choose to identify your primary tether(s), your next determination is whether or not to keep that tether.  Keeping a tether allows you to align more easily with other Humans and creates a challenge for you to live fully as the Hybrid you.

You can think of a tether like the guy wires that hold a hot air balloon on or close to the Earth plane while it is being filled with hot air. A tether works in the same manner for a Human on the Earth plane.

A tether holds the Human on or near the Earth plane and thus provides a sense of stability, of connection, of being a part of the Earth plane.  Each tether you developed has done the same for you as you were attempting to ‘playing Human’. 

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to:

  • Identify your own primary tethers and release them if you desire. You most likely have three or four primary tethers (or potentially only one). 
  • Think about the Humans around you, their primary characteristics as you discern them, and then consider their possible tethers. Remember, the characteristic you define as that individuals most distinct is likely a tether…and the tether is just the opposite of what the external characteristic would indicate.
  • Awareness of tethers provides you with incredible information…it provides you with the driving force of yourself and of other individuals.  It is Human to strive to appear the exact opposite of the tether…whether the tether is considered beneficial or destructive!

In review:

Tethers tether a soul in Human form to the Earth plane. The tether can become a point of identification for the Soul.

If you desire to function as the Hybrid you are, releasing your tether(s) is desirable.

You may choose to do this quickly or over time as you adjust to your Hybrid self.

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