Even More on Tethers…

In Our previous communication, We noted that tethers can be deemed positive or negative (when one lives in duality).  In fact, a tether is simply the energy holding the Human soul to the Earth plane.  The tether holds that Human soul by the very act of the Human (or Hybrid who has been playing Human) energetically striving to operate exactly opposite to the aspect of the tether.

  • Lovable to Unlovable
  • Driven to Lazy
  • Serial Killer to Thoughtful Being
  • And on it goes.

Yes, someone deemed to be ‘bad’ is most likely striving to stay grounded to the Earth plane and has a tether which, in any other Earth setting, would be deemed beneficial.

This then, may significantly adjust your thinking and perspective of individuals as you begin to understand their core drivers. 

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share one more unique aspect of tethers and Hybrids…

Hybrids can disconnect and connect to tethers at will.

And you ask, if this is so, why did We indicate you might like to keep your tether, even knowing it will reduce your ability to operate on the Earth plane as a Hybrid being?

Our answer is simple…many of you do not believe what We have shared is truly possible.  Thus, disconnecting your tether is a scary proposition. 

You define yourself by your Tether. Or have until now!

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