What About Sandbags?

We, the Mountains of the World, did briefly refer to ‘Tethers and Sandbags’ and have now spent a great deal of time explaining tethers, their functions and the ability of Hybrids to release and reconnect.

Sandbags are, in this use of the term, affecting your Hybrid frequency and perspective in much the same way a sandbag functions in a hot air balloon…sandbag provide ballast to keep the balloon closer to the Earth plane.

So, not only are their ‘Tethers’ tethering you (the hot air balloon) to the Earth plane, you (and all Humans and Hybrids-playing-Human) have added the additional safety mechanism of Sandbags!

Sandbags are ballast!

Sandbags slow the ascent of yourself to your natural frequency (elevation)!

Sandbags function in a manner that allows the Soul in a Human iteration to feel safer…more likely to stay tethered/connected to the Earth plane. 

            Not a bad plan until they get in the way of evolution!

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