More on Sandbags!

At the core, all Humans (and Hybrids) are Souls who have a remembering of living in space, potentially flying, with no need for grounding of any kind.  When a Soul chooses an iteration on the Earth plane, they necessarily understand the need to stay grounded/attached to the Earth plane.  Thus, the creation of Sandbags as a secondary system should the tethers not hold!

As ballast, a Sandbag is a lesser characteristic of the individual as viewed from an Earth perspective.  A tether is the opposite of a dominant characteristic.  A sandbag is the opposite of a lesser characteristic and/or the focus of a belief.

Sandbags are not as dominant as Tethers.

Sandbags are many, varied, and not nearly as well defined.

Sandbags are the backup plan of the Soul to stay tethered to the Earth plane.

            It is with this awareness (which is proceeding your understanding) of tethers and sandbags that We, the Mountains of the World, can return to discussing how to begin living as the Hybrid You on the Earth plane.

Without the awareness and eventual understanding of these aspects of humanity which most if not all of you have incorporated in your ‘playing Human role’, it is impossible to move into the fullness of your Hybridness!

Assisting you in moving into the fullness of your Hybridness is what We, the Mountains of the World, have been tasked…

            And which We, the Mountains of the World, take seriously!

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