Disengaging from Tethers and Sandbags

Let Us begin with the statement that all Hybrids have tethers and/or sandbags in place at this time. This is largely due to the fact that until now, Hybrids (You) have been living as if you are Human.  And Humans seek tethers and sandbags to keep them aligned and on the Earth plane.  The type of tether and, to a lesser extent, the type of sandbag is determined by the experiences those souls who incarnated to be Human. 

As a Hybrid who, until recently, perceived yourself to be Human, intuitively perceived what was occurring and, as you considered yourself Human, you developed some of the same.  Until now, those tethers and sandbags have done no real harm…they have only kept you in a more human state of experience on the Earth plane.

As you, the Hybrid you, are now aware of the existence of tethers and sandbags…and you are aware  that they are unnecessary for a Hybrid, We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you release a few tethers and see how it feels…

By releasing tethers, you are, in some respects, releasing your alignment to Humans.

What does this mean? It means the difference you have intuitively known will become more apparent to you…to you!  Not necessarily to Human.  To You!

This is why We recommend you release a tether or two and see how it feels.  Most likely it will feel a bit unbalanced.  Unbalanced in the way a hot air balloon, having released its guy wires on one side, can lift up on that side and not the other…unbalanced.

If you are feeling brave, you may choose to simply release all of your tethers (most Hybrids typically have two (2) to six (6) tethers and see how it feels.  Our expectation is that you will experience a form of liberation…after the first feelings of doubt and perhaps fear dissipate. 

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