Disconnecting from and Connecting to Tethers

Oh, Silly Mountains! 

We, the Mountains of the World, forgot to mention how you might choose to release those tethers AND how you might choose to re-engage them!

To release tethers, you simply acknowledge them and decide to release them…

How do you know what is tethering you?  Simple.  You listen to how others describe you.  Your tethers are the reverse of what you display to the world, as We stated earlier.  Tethers are neither good nor bad.  They are simply tethers.  You keep yourself in balance with tethers.  In fact, all Hybrids and Humans who are tethered keep themselves in balance by functioning in the exact reserve of the energy of the tether…ergo balance!

Knowing your tether can provide a great deal of insight to what have been your motivations in life.  Studying others can provide you with insight into their tethers. 

            A tether is the exact opposite of what is ‘displayed’ to the world.

Knowing how to release a tether is very valuable.  It is not difficult, nor does it take any chants or incantations.  It simply takes awareness of what you display to those around you and the desire to release the tether.

To re-tether (and yes, there are many reasons to do so), you simply need to determine what you will display to those around you.  The tether will appear, and you simply reconnect. 

It is important to recognize:

Humans need their tethers.

Hybrids are generally limited by their tethers.

Hybrids can find tethers valuable for very short periods of time.

More later.

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