The Value of Sandbags

If operating from a ‘higher frequency’ is ‘better’, what possible value would sandbags or any other limiting aspects have that lower the frequency of the soul?

We, the Mountains of the World, hear your question…and it is a good question.  For Us, it indicates that you are beginning to think beyond the boundaries of Human thought. 

To begin, sandbags and other limiting aspects of the Earth plane have many benefits, the least of which is maintaining the frequency at which the soul is able to learn what they iterated to the Earth plane to learn.

That said, sandbags and other limiting aspects are typically NOT helpful for Hybrid Souls.  You, as a Hybrid Soul did not come to limit yourself.  Rather, you iterated as a Hybrid for the primary reason of living an unlimited Earth plane existence. 

If you came to experience ‘unlimited’ why would you desire something that limits you? 

The answer continues to be very simple…

  • You were playing Human. 
  • You were fitting in. 
  • You were maintaining the status quo because you did not know different was who you are!

Consider the Sandbags you are using to limit yourself.  Perhaps even make a list of those limitations you feel.  Sandbags come in all shapes and sizes.

Consider away.

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