Identifying and Assessing Sandbags

If you are truly ready to live your life as a Hybrid, then it is time to explore all of the limitations you have set upon yourself. 

As you explore the limitations you have set upon yourself, you will likely note…

  • Some will feel appropriate…continue to assess those aspects of self.  Sometimes We notice Hybrids assessing a limiting aspect as beneficial when it truly is not!  So, We recommend…continue to assess those aspects.  We expect you will eventually release many.
  • Some will feel really narrow and limiting.  Those you are able to simply slip the bonds of in the same way you slipped a tether.  Intend to release the limitation.  If it comes back due to ‘muscle memory’, release again.  Do not assume you need to keep it just because it returns.  That is simply the response of the conditioning you have given your earth body. 
  • Some will feel ‘questionable’.  For these limitations, spend time in mediation or contemplation…depending upon which term you use for this type consideration…and determine whether it is beneficial or not. 

Thus far, We, the Mountains of the World, have spoken more generically of sandbags.   We would like to speak further about different types of Sandbags.

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