Identifying and Assessing Sandbags Part II

Sandbags come in many shapes and sizes. They may include everything you interact with and every thought you think.  Sandbags are inclusive and invasive!

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share the major Sandbags groupings:

  • People
    • This is easy…who do you spend time with that you allow to limit your thinking, your expression of self, anything?
  • Places
    • Where do you not fit in?  Where do you not feel safe?
  • Identifications of Self
    • How do you identify yourself (identify as being) that lessens your ability to be unlimited?
  • Foods
    • What foods cause your system to become sluggish?  Note:  The foods that are beneficial for Humans may or may not be beneficial for you as a Hybrid.  What is beneficial for you depends upon your intended Hybrid frequency.
  • Colors
    • What colors cause you to become a ‘shrinking violet’? What colors set your ‘teeth on edge’? 
  • Beliefs
    • What beliefs do you now hold that are no longer serving you?  What beliefs are holding you back from living the unlimited life of a Hybrid?
  • Thoughts
    • Potentially the most insidious way many of you retain Sandbags is through the thoughts that you think.  What thoughts are you currently thinking that create limitations in your life?
  • Music
    • What music brings you joy?  What music interferes with your unlimited nature?  What music is simply for distraction…so you don’t have to live the Hybrid life…so you can be more ‘Human”?

All of the items you identify are unique to you as a Hybrid. 

They are unique to your intended frequency; your intended Earth experiences; and they can change as you complete one intention and move to the next…they are not fixed.

As an example, a color may be good for one Hybrid and limiting for another.  The same is true of every category noted and all those We have not noted.  You, as a Hybrid, are unique from not only Humans…you are Unique from other Hybrids.

Trying to ‘fit in’, whether to the Human Race or the Hybrid Race…is a limitation.

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