Releasing Sandbags

If you are intending to live an unlimited Hybrid life, you have now identified the Tethers you have used to ‘play Human’ and many of the sandbags you are using to ‘play Human’. 

Those of you who do not want to consider the Sandbags (or Tethers) are currently clinging to in an effort to ‘play Human’ are missing the opportunity of a lifetime!  Once a Soul has selected to be a Hybrid (at a Soul level, this is a serious consideration) and then that Soul, once on the Earth plane, decides to pass up the opportunity, loses one of the most dynamic soul evolution opportunities available. 

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to consider seriously whether you really want to pass up this opportunity which you, as a Soul, have chosen!

            If you do, We weep for you….if you choose to progress toward living Your Unlimited Hybrid Earth Experience….we salute and celebrate you !

And with that celebration, come the releasing of sandbags…an easy and effortless process.

  • Identify the Sandbag
  • Consider its impact on limiting your Hybrid life
  • In whatever manner you choose, release the Sandbag.
    • You may chose to simply walk away from it or to dramatically celebrate separating from it!  Your manner of releasing is entirely up to you.
  • Once released, feel the intended relaxing of limitation! Memorize the feeling! 
  • If your Human body through what We have heard you call ‘muscle memory’ remembers it back, simply release again…and again…and again. 
  • Eventually, the memory will fade and the resulting limitation will relax into nothingness.

And that is how you release a Sandbag!

Identify – Determine the Impact on your Earth Life – Release – Until the Limiting Impact has been removed.

Then move onto the next Sandbag.  One after another, until you are feeling a bit exposed by your unlimited living.  Take a break.  And begin again when you are ready.

Easy – Peasy!

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