Sandbags as Tools

Whaaaaaaattttt!  Sandbags as Tools!!! You just told me to get rid of them!!!!!!!

We, the Mountains of the World, had a feeling you would react in this manner.

Yes, Sandbags, once released, can become very useful tools.  As you understand tethers and are able to use those tethers in any moment to assist you in living your Hybrid life, sandbags are the same.

We recommended you make a list of the Sandbag limitations you have been utilizing to masquerade as a ‘Human’.  We did not recommend this without purpose.

This is a list you can go back to, once you have completely and thoroughly released the Sandbag, and use in any moment or moments to benefit you as you navigate humanity.

Remember, the macro-objective of every Hybrid being is to assist humanity.  To do so, it may be important to return to a well scripted masquerade, one you have used for many Earth years, to navigate humanity to be able to assist them. 

Consider the Tethers and Sandbags you have utilized to ‘play Human’ are tools to now use to ‘navigate humanity’.

We leave you to your considering.

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