Living from Your Intuitive Self

You now have the information to ‘slip your tethers’ and to ‘drop your sandbags’.  Once you have done both, you are now able to live from your True Intuitive Self! Prior to slipping and dropping, you were living the ‘human equivalent’ of your intuitive self.  Not bad…and not nearly as dynamic or intended as possible.

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to discuss how it may feel once you have begun to live as your True Intuitive Self.

As an overview, the descriptors you may well feel and therefore hear yourself thinking might include:

  • Weird and/or Strange
  • Light and/or Easy
  • Enjoyable and/or Expanded
  • Or perhaps…Too Much!  I want to run back to my ‘human hole’ and return to playing human.

We can only tell you that once you have accepted even a minor part of your hybrid self, it is impossible…let Us say again…impossible…to return to your ‘human hole’.  Without knowing who you are and accepting even a part of it, you knew you were different…you felt the difference.

Once you are even a modicum of aware and awake, you will not be able to deny the different.

And, neither will those around you! And they, perhaps even more than you, will know you are pretending and many of the humans you are interacting with will feel like you are making fun of them through your pretending.

Therefore, it is Our recommendation that you accept your hybridness, slip those tethers, drop those sandbags, and begin to live as your intuitive self.

Trust Us…it will be easier once you have acclimated.

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