A Shift of Focus

We, the Mountains of the World, can easily continue sharing what We experience, know and perceive.  We are happy to do so.

However, there does come a time in any evolutionary process that the ‘student’ (the Hybrid You) must become comfortable with the knowing they received AND with the questions such information engenders.

The questions you might consider are:

  • What does the Hybrid You intend to contribute to the evolution of the Earth plane?
  • What human programming is interfering with your intended contribution? And what Human programming is supporting your intended contribution?
  • Do you listen more to your Human programming or your Hybrid Knowing?
  • Have you asked your Hybrid Self (or Spirit Team) if you are ‘on track’ with your intended contribution? Do you trust the response?
  • What are you being called to change about your current living patterns to assist you in living into your Hybrid Self?  (Note:  the call is from your Hybrid self…you don’t get to ‘blame’ anyone else!)
  • What Skills and Talents are you developing as you transition to living more as your Hybrid Self?  And how does it feel to engage those skills and talents?
  • And many more…

For the next several communications, We will spend more time on each of these questions.  We will share Our perceptions of the differences between a Human and High Hybrid response to such.

Until then, ponder…consider…ask away!

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