Your Hybrid Contribution

You will notice that We, the Mountains of the World, did not refer to this as a purpose or agenda or requirement of any kind.  We referred to what you came to the Earth plane as a ‘contribution’ for that is what it is.

This is one of the major differences between Humans and Hybrids. 

Humans live in a cause-and-effect manner…if I don’t complete my agenda I will have to return and do it all over again (which is the way things have been designed).

Hybrids live on the Earth plane in an alignment manner.  When Hybrids are aligned with their own Hybrid frequency, then they are contributing!  Alignment creates contribution.  There is no cause and no effect.  There is contribution through alignment.

If you choose to remain asleep to your unique Hybrid reality, then you most likely will continue living in a cause-and-effect manner. 

If you choose to awaken to your unique Hybrid reality, then you will find it extremely difficult to not create your Hybrid contribution.

The one is easy (Hybrid) the other fraught with drama and challenge (Human).

Just one more reason to chose to awaken…to become aware of your Hybrid nature…to contribute.

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