Your Human Programming

You, the Soul You, choose to come to the Earth plane in a normal Human manner.  Due to the timing of your arrival on the Earth plane, the information regarding your Hybrid nature was not yet ready to be shared.  Thus, without this knowing, you embraced your ‘Human Self’ as your only Self.

By embracing your Human Self, you encountered and accepted a great deal of Human programming.  This programming has allowed you to live the life you have lived thus far and, depending upon the programming you embraced, your life thus far has been easier or more challenging.

For those of you who have had ‘easy lives’ thus far (which would encompass the majority of you!), changing the programming may prove to be challenging.

For the small percentage of you who embraced Human programming which created a most challenging life, the change in programming will likely prove to be less challenging.

We, the Mountains of the World, wanted each of you, the Hybrids of the Earth plane, to begin to recognize the Human programming you are retaining at this time.

We recommend you retain the programming that has thus far supported the human body you are inhabiting.  This would include the programming of breathing, walking, speech, and many more basic programming areas which allow you to survive in your human body.

The Human programming we are recommending you consider shifting includes your programming around

  • science and
  • health and
  • relationship and
  • general possibilities.

Begin by considering your programming (you may also consider it conditioning or belief) around each of these areas.  More communication on each will follow.

What programming have you ‘accepted’ that may not be serving your Hybrid self?

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