Human Programming – Science and Magic

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to consider your understandings (or beliefs or perceptions…We care not the term you use) as it relates to Science.  And then to consider the same as it relates to Magic.

For a Human (thus, the Human programming), science is a very real and tangible aspect of daily life.  Science explains a great deal of how the world works and makes sense of so much.  The ‘Science’ of earlier ages becomes (via Human programming) to be laughable.  We hear the question…how could they have been so naïve?

And We ask the same thing of you at this time.  A science focused Earth plane view is a very narrow and Human view.  Yes, Science has its place in the order of things and supports a great deal of Human activities.  It allows for explanations and confidence.  The science of gravity, for example, causes no one to be worried about floating off the Earth plane.

Yet, have you ever wondered about the more recent scientific discoveries?  The discoveries which bring science and magic (defined as the unknown becoming real) closely together?  How can a molecule be both linear and non linear at the same time and in the same space?  Isn’t that magic?

Apply a similar concept to time and the relativity of time, and Humans begin to worry about the stability of the Earth plane.  Yet, from Our perspective (and the perspectives of Lumans and extremely High Hybrids) there is no reason to worry.

Rather, there is opportunity to expand, optimize, and contract time in a manner that does not interrupt the space-time continuum as Humans understand it.  This allows Hybrids a great deal of flexibility in their contributions. If Humans understood what was occurring, would appear ‘magical’ (and likely very worrisome).

With his bit of conversation, consider your Human programming as it relates to Science and Magic.  Once you really begin to explore your programming, applying this bit of information, you will begin to see all manner of opportunities!

Explore…Apply…Engage the Opportunities.

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