Human Programming – Human Health and Hybrid Health

Despite the challenges facing the Human Earth population at this time, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to address the difference between Human health and Hybrid health. 

Although you, as Hybrid being, are in a Human body, you are quite capable of adjusting the health of that Human body.

Souls on the Earth plane who intentionally arrived with a mixture of Human and Luman Soul DNA, have the ability to affect their Human body with thoughts and attitudes.  Further, these thoughts and attitudes will override any viral or chemical elements in the ethers. 

This means, as an awake and aware Hybrid, you are able to maintain the health of the Human body you are occupying even during times of high stress and viral confusion.  You are able to do this when you accept your Hybridness.  And the degree you are able to maintain a very healthy Human body depends upon

  • your Soul DNA ‘mixture’ (percentage Human and percentage Luman);
  • your thoughts about healthy;
  • and the degree to which you maintain your Hybrid awareness.

As a Hybrid, you are able to stay healthy in ways that Human are less able. 

This being said, one of the ways you stay healthy is to listen to your knowing…not to assume you are invincible and do not need to take any precautions. 

The difference between Hybrid and Human is the knowing. 

  • When you, an awake and aware Hybrid, follow your knowing, the result is a very healthy body. 
  • When you choose to not follow your knowing, you have put your physical earth body at risk and have the same responses to viral elements in the ethers as any Human has. 

One easy way for a Hybrid to be aware they are living as their Hybrid self is to notice how frequently they succumb to human ailments. 

If you find you are succumbing to human ailments, We highly recommend you listen to your knowing and act upon your knowing more frequently have you have in the past.

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