Intermission – Honoring All Saints (Souls) Day

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to take a bit of an ‘intermission’ in our communications to honor All Saints (Souls) Day.

This is a different honoring than We experience by Humans on the Earth plane. 

Specifically, All Saints Day (for Us) is an honoring of all Souls…both those on the Earth plane, those hovering above the Earth plane and about to join, and those who have experienced the Earth plane and do not wish to return.

In Our experience, Souls equal Saints. 

Humans have created a small cadre of ‘Saints’ and labeled them for ease of knowing whom to call upon for which purpose or wish.

We ask you to consider all Souls (even your own) as a Saint and to align with those Souls who have the energy to best collaborate with you (and you with them) to accomplish your ‘Soul Agendas’.

We recommend you take this time, when the ‘veil is at it’s thinnest’ to connect with those Souls, both incarnate, not yet incarnate, and who have walked the Earth plane, and determine who best to collaborate with for a true Soul Purpose win-win-win.

Thank you and Happy Halloween and All Saints/Souls Day

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