Human Programming – Limitations

We, the Mountains of the World, indicated Our communication of All Saints Day was ‘an intermission’.  It was and it was not.

We would like to speak about the Human programming of limitations. All Saints/Souls day is a acknowledgement of the difference between Human and Hybrid understanding of limitation or lack of limitation!

As a Human, you have been programmed to limitation.  Another word or concept for limitation is lack.  Humans are programmed to lack…to there not being enough for All. 

Hybrids, however, understand that there is more than enough for everyone. 

That understanding does not mean that every Human will ‘accept’ all that is possible.  This can be for many reasons. Those reasons include a soul agenda of experiencing lack and alignment with the Human programming of lack and the need to be a ‘martyr’.  Again, martyrdom is a Human programming.

As you read this communication, listen to the voices in your mind. As you listen, consider what you are hearing and how much of it is Human programming.  This listening will allow you to begin your Human reprogramming…if you desire!

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