Human Programming – Relationships

We, the Mountains of the World, have long watched the Human programming around relationships and truly wonder at how that programming began and why it seems to have such a hold.

It seems to Us that Humans are addicted to relationships in much the same way We are addicted to Our alignment with The All/The Divine.  That being said, it is here the similarity ends and the confusion (for Us and we believe for Humans) begin.

As you, a Hybrid in Human form, begin to release your Human conditioning around relationships, We highly recommend you consider the following as a Hybrid relationship to relationships.

  • A Hybrid’s first relationship is to The Divine/The All.  This relationship is without dogma and without consequence.  It simply Is.
  • A Hybrid’s second relationship is to the Hybrid Soul Self and the intentions of that Hybrid Soul Self.  This relationship is not without focus and consequence.  This is not a relationship to be taken lightly or assumed!
  • Further relationships include relationships to Lumen, other Hybrids and then the Human population, especially those in the Human population who are more highly evolved.  Engaging in relationships with less evolved Humans typically results in less-than-desired endings and leave both the Hybrid Soul and the Human Soul deeply unsatisfied if not totally frustrated.
  • In all these relationships, the Hybrid knows they are more than sufficient and see the relationship as a grounding point for further exploration of the Hybrid Self. This does not mean the Hybrid you are does not care deeply for what you would describe as individuals, whether they be Hybrid or Human.  It is simply to say that your understanding of Self, Hybrid Soul Self, is not mirrored in their understanding of you!

From Our perspective, these four elements of a Hybrid relationship create a distinctly different experience than what we see in the vast majority of Human relationships. 

Consider how you might ‘unwind’ your Human programming as it relates to relationship and move into your Hybrid knowing as it relates to relationship.

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