Human Programming – Skills and Talents

The topic of human programming around Skills and Talents is one that We, the Mountains of the World, can easily differentiate and can go on endlessly with examples of the differentiation.

Specifically, human programming as it relates to the skills and talents of an individual typically (nearly always) is connected to the ability to use those skills and talents to differentiate the individual Human from other Humans; to group Humans and align them as different from other Humans; and to create a more comfortable living scenario for the Human with skills and talents.

Hybrid skills and talents are focused on the good of all; in gently guiding humans to an awareness of the benefit of such (even if it is a mirage to allow Humans to understand it); and cannot be activated in any way that negatively impacts another Human or Hybrid being. 

To compare and contrast human programming of skills and talents to Hybrid use of such:

  • Human programming differentiates; attempts to elevate; and is used to ease the living situation of the individual or small group.
  • Hybrids use their skills and talents to create unity; alignment to the All; for the good of the All.

As you consider this, We do expect you to come up with some situations where such is not the case.  We ask you…might those souls be Hybrid and aligned with their Hybrid knowing and Skills and Talents??????

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