Human Programming – Addiction

We, the Mountains of the World, mentioned addiction in the arena of relationship and provided examples of addiction for Humans and for Hybrids.  The Hybrid example may have left you with the impression that the Hybrid self can also find itself addicted to something. 

This is not the case.  With the exception of ‘alignment to The All/The Divine’ any addictive tendencies you, the Hybrid you, experiences are from your Human programming. 

Let Us repeat…any addictive tendencies or actual addictions you have, are from your Human programming.  Lumen do not have addictive tendencies!       

When you consider your addictive tendencies, you have the opportunity to determine if they are from the Human Soul DNA you carry (to whatever degree) or from your Human programming.

If simply (We do not say that lightly) the tendencies are from your Human programming, consider the impact to your frequency and the development of your Hybrid Skills and Talents when you release that Human programming.

Your Hybrid development is Your Choice.  Choose Wisely!

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