Human Programming – Tending toward the Negative

For Us, the Mountains of the World, one of the most obvious indicators of a Hybrid who has chosen the Human route to the Earth plane is their tendency to focus on the positive of just about any situation.

The tendency to focus on the negative is a very Human characteristic.  Many of you, as Hybrids, have been ‘embarrassed’ out of seeing the positive in any situation.  You may have been ridiculed for your attitude toward life events and situations.

  • If you are Hybrid and this has occurred, We highly recommend you reverse the Human programming and easily step back into your Hybrid programming.
  • If you are Hybrid and, despite the ridicule and feeling out-of-step with the crowd, have retained your positive perspectives, We applaud you.
  • If you are seeking an ‘easy way’ to differentiate Humans and Hybrids in Human form, we recommend you focus on how they perceive life…from the negative or from the positive.  And do not let yourself be fooled by early indicators…those are often ‘good manners’ at work!

As a Hybrid, it is easy to perceive the positive for, as a Hybrid, you are aware The Divine/The All is operating for the best of all.

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