Human Programming – Doubt!

Another aspect of Human programming that you, as a Hybrid, will encounter is the programming of doubt.  This programming can work in concert with the programming of fear and often does. 

Lumen tend toward the energy of trust. 

We, the Mountains of the World, hope you noticed Our specific verbiage…

’Lumen tend toward the energy of trust!”

Lumen do not automatically ‘trust’…The Divine/The All does not expect blind trust!  The differenced is…

  • Lumen tend to trust first with confirmation second.
  • Humans tend to doubt first and then require proof they are ‘incorrect’.
  • When you doubt first, recognize you are simply aligning with your Human Programming…then realign yourself to your Hybrid awareness and consider how you might perceive the situation differently.

We reiterate:  Humans begin with Doubt…Lumen begin with Trust.

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