Human Programming – External Perspective

Human programming focuses on the external aspects of human – are they pretty/handsome; are they financially wealthy; do they have a nice smile; and on it goes.

We, the Mountains of the World, wish you to be aware that external perspective is a distinct part of your Human programming.  From a Hybrid perspective, you know the true value of a soul in a Human body is their ‘Soul perspective’ which is an internal perspective.  What the individual epitomizes to the external world is an experiencing…not their value proposition as a soul.

When You, a Hybrid, focus on your appearance with concern that your ‘appearance’ is not good enough, you are living your Human programming.

We are not saying it is not appropriate…We simply want you to be aware that you are living your Human programming. 

As a Hybrid wishing to connect with other Hybrids, especially those of you with significant Luman Soul DNA, being aware of this fact will assist you as you connect with other Hybrids.

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