Human Programming – Other

We, the Mountains of the World, have only touched upon a few of the most obvious arenas of Human Programming.  Every aspect of living has a Human programming element to it.  We selected those areas of living on the Earth plane where Human and Hybrid programming are distinctly different.  Please be aware, there are many areas where the differences are minor and very nearly undefinable. 

With what we have shared, you can now begin to decipher when you are living as your Hybrid self and when you are living in alignment with your Human programming.

Once you have identified these alignments, your next task is to identify what of the Human programming you hold you would like to release to more easily and powerfully live in alignment with your Hybrid self.

This is not an easy task nor is it one to be avoided. 

Please remember…We, the Mountains of the World, are here to

Support you

Encourage you

Celebrate you!

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