Goals and Intentions

What We, the Mountains of the World, are about to share may seem like We are ‘splitting hairs.  Be convinced that We are not.  The difference in energy between the concepts And, even more important, the difference between what aligns to a Human and what aligns to a Hybrid.  We will be sharing is very important as you, the Hybrid Soul, are becoming more and more aware and awake.

The first concept shift We wish to share is the difference between Goals and Intentions.

Humans are aligned with Goals.

Hybrids are aligned with Intentions.

The difference is the use of a Hybrid’s key talent…thoughts.  Setting an intention is a thought form, therefore it is significantly more impactful for a Hybrid.

As a Hybrid, We highly recommend you begin making this subtle word shift.  Again, this shift may seem unimportant.  We guarantee you…this shift makes a significant difference in what you, the Hybrid you, can accomplish.

This does not say you will not be able to be effective setting ‘Goals’.  It does say that when you choose to set ‘Intentions’, you will begin to see how much easier your life evolves.

Consider this sift…this simple concept shift…it will make a significant difference!

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