The Responsibility of Intentions

Before We proceed to the next concept shift, We, the Mountains of the World, wish to discuss the Hybrid responsibility of setting intentions.

By Our definition,

  • Intentions are positive.
  • Relate to your Hybrid Self.
  • Are in your realm of belief.

When you consider an Intention can be simply a thought…it is important to notice your thoughts. 

  • Notice if your thoughts are positive or negative.
  • Notice if your thoughts relate to you or someone else.
  • Notice if you believe in the thought you are thinking.

If your thought (which forms an intention) are negative; relate to someone else rather than yourself; or deal with something you do not believe is even possible…your thought is not an Intention.

Intentions are powerful.  When focused upon by an aware and awake Hybrid, intentions are quick to manifest and can manifest even larger than the Hybrid intends.  This is due to the difference between a ‘Goal’ and an ‘Intentions’ when focused upon by an aware and awake Hybrid.

Further, Intentions are even more powerful when you, the Hybrid, recognizes when it manifests.  The human aspect of you may or may not recognize the manifesting of your intention.  This is due to the fact that you are not used to thoughts becoming things.

We recommend you notice your thoughts; identify those that are truly Intentions; and recognize when they manifest. 

These actions further magnify your manifestation through Intentions!

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