Further Discussion on Manifesting

With your awareness of thoughts and their impact on your intentions, you have become a ‘Manifesting Miracle’.  And, as you, the Awake and Aware Hybrid know, there is responsibility incumbent in your manifesting.

With this said, We, the Mountains of the World, consider it important to say more about manifesting, the speed of manifesting, and the times when thoughts do NOT become things.

When a Hybrid sets intentions via thoughts, the Universe responds perfectly, although not necessarily as seen through the eyes of your Human self.

  • Intentions occur immediately when the thought produced by the Human portion of you are in excellent alignment with the ‘Hybrid you’ and the ‘Soul you’ (what you as a Soul came to experience). 
    • Intentions may also occur immediately when what is being intended is inconsequential to the ‘Soul you’ and does not distract from your intended experiences.
  • Intentions occur less quickly when they are just a bit out of alignment with the ‘Soul you’. 
    • Intentions that are slightly out of alignment may manifest a bit differently than the Human you intended or thought. 
  • Intentions will not occur at all or will be so changed in their manifested appearance to not even be recognizable as the intention your Human self though about and then intended.

With this awareness, the Human you can now become more aware what you as a Soul actually intended as experiences for this Earth iteration.  This is powerful awareness as you begin to operate more from your Hybrid perspective than your Human programming.

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